About Applewood Permaculture Centre

Applewood is a 20 acre smallholding and as well as a training centre it is home to Looby and Chris and their family. We have had the place since July 2016 so we are in the early days of observation and design ideas for setting this up as a demonstration centre.
There are various teaching and course spaces, from heated yurt and barn space to outdoor marquee and open air. There are many diverse habitats here already; we have woodland, orchard, pasture, pool and gardens. We are blessed with night times filled with owl hoots and immense starry skies that you’ll get to enjoy round an outside fire. 

Other Collaborators

We also invite other skilled facilitators to share their expertise and teach at Applewood. So far Maddy Harland,  Starhawk, Jon Young, Tomas Remairz, Aranya and Peter Cow, have all co-facilitated at Applewood.


We run a wide range of courses here, mainly focused on either on the Permaculture or the Cultural Emergence pathways (see Learning Pathways page for more info).

The essence of each of our courses is empowerment, so that each person is able to bring their own unique set of skills and life experience to enrich the learning environment.