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2023 In person Courses


8-13th August PEACE - Peace Empowerment And Cultural Emergence - 6 Day Course with Looby Macnamara & Leona Johnson 


2-3rd Sept Forest Gardening - 2 Day Course with Chris Evans 

8-10th Sept ACE - Activating Cultural Emergence - 2 Day Course with Looby Macnamara Early Bird offer ends 31/7/23

16-17th Sept Mothers as Natural Leaders - 2 Day Course at Applewood with Looby Macnamara  & Emma Gorbutt Early Bird offer ends 31/7/23


5-9th Oct Apple Picking and Pressing Volunteer Week with Chris Evans & Looby Macnamara 

2023 Online Courses

Cultural Emergence Taster Course with Looby FREE & ongoing

Visionary Leadership Programme  with Looby and Jon Young September 2023

Group Diploma Adventure with Looby & Delvin next in take January 2024

Applewood Learning Adventure

A PDF Publication

Explore Cultural Emergence, Design Web, Permaculture, 8 shields and 7 Ways to Think Differently in this Applewood Adventure Folio.

Download this amazing resource of inspirations, photos, artwork and learnings created by one of our collaborators Delvin Solkinson.

A garden to walk in and immensity to dream in - what more could they ask? A few flowers at their feet and above them the stars.

Victor Hugo
Applewood Adventure Book

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Our big vision & how we are making steps towards it

Our big vision is for an abundant and fair world where Earth and people are treated with respect.

Our mission (i.e. our positive steps to reach this big vision) is to provide inspiration, motivation and tools to enable people to be proactive in growing the ethics of Earth Care, People Care and Fair Shares.

Design Web Mandala
Looby Macnamara and Chris Evans are highly experienced facilitators, designers and authors. We have both dedicated our lifetime's work to developing and sharing regenerative solutions for people and planet. We create learning environments that enable and empower people to bring forth their own gifts and wisdom to manifest positive change in their lives and communities. We run courses at our training and demonstration centre, Applewood Permaculture Centre as well as online and internationally.

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