Organisations both Chris and Looby are involved with

Permaculture Association Britain - Looby and Chris have both been involved with the Permaculture Association on a strategic level in various ways over the years.

The Permaculture Association is a charity and company that promotes permaculture in the UK and internationally, with working groups on education, research, international development, diploma in permaculture design, children in permaculture, youth in permaculture, and much more. Listings on permaculture and related trainings and events in UK and abroad.

Permaculture Magazine is a quarterly magazine sharing practical and inspirational solutions and case studies. Looby and Chris have both had many articles published in the magazine.

Organisations Looby is involved with

Mother Nature is a strategic partnership between seven European organisations, aimed at developing nature-based methodologies and tools to empower mothers in their personal transformation, and strengthening professional capacities to support them in this process. Looby is part of this project on behalf of the Permaculture Association.

Permanent Publications is a publishing company dedicated to sharing regenerative solutions for people and planet. They have published 2 of Looby’s books, People and Permaculture and 7 Ways to Think Differently.

8 Shields is an organisation dedicated to bringing more connection into people’s lives. They offer skills, tools and practices of deep nature connection, connection to self and connection to others. Looby has been involved directly with supporting them in their design process for growing their organisation and positive effect in the world.

Organisations Chris is involved with

Himalayan Permaculture Centre - a grass-roots NGO in Nepal that Chris works with, based on a permaculture history in Nepal since 1987

The Farmers’ Handbook - a compendium of best practice techniques written originally in Nepali by Chris and others, and now available in English as a free downloads. Available for translation into other languages.

Blueprint Alliance - a consortium of activists designing systems and training for disaster resilience and response. Chris is an active member involved in Nepal based Blueprint initiatives.