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Grafted Apple trees

Two-year old named varieties in pots, £18 (discount for bulk)

Trees in pots are easy to look after until you’ve decided where to plant them! You can also plant them any time, even in the summer (as long as you can water them).

Dessert, cooking, juicing and cider varieties, early-mid-late ripeners, keepers - select your criteria!

Varieties available include:

  • Discovery
  • Ashmead Kernel
  • Blenheim Orange
  • Cevaal
  • Lord Lambourne
  • Rajka
  • Rosemary Russet
  • King Charles Pearmain
  • Irish Peach
  • Ellison’s Orange
  • Liberty
  • Tom Putt
  • Katja (Katy)
  • Jupiter
  • Beauty of Bath
  • Tydeman’s Early Worcester
  • Chivers Delight
  • Herefordshire Russet
  • Red Windsor
  • Laxtons Superb
  • Adams Permain

      …. and many more

Root stock: M25 vigorous; M111 & M106 semi-vigorous


Contact us if you have questions about varieties, rootstock and ordering