Design Support

Both Looby and Chris are experienced designers who can support others with their designs in various ways. We are available to support land based designs, organisational, community and personal design through consultancy, tutoring and mentoring.

Looby currently has a 6 month waiting list for design support.


With consultancy we visit your farm, smallholding, project or business for an initial day or half day. During the visit we ask many questions, and observe what the current situation is. We also hear your ideas and visions and may comment on the viability of those with regards to our observations and questions.
This initial visit can be followed up with future visits to track progress and suggest further design interventions.

Please be in contact to discuss your needs and we will try and find a suitable way to support you.


Looby and Chris both have Diplomas in Applied Permaculture Design. We are both tutors for the UK diploma system, Looby is a senior tutor and Chris is an assessment level tutor.

The diploma is a self directed action learning programme, where apprentices produce a portfolio of 10 designs over a minimum of 2 years. Tutorials are held either at Applewood or via zoom video calls.
We are also available for one - off tutorials for people who are on the independant route or those who would like specialised input into their designs.

Looby likes to work with people who have already been on one of her courses so that their is already a relationship formed that further develops and supports the journey over the diploma years.

If you would like to join the diploma system with either of us as tutors please look at the Permaculture Association’s website for full details of the diploma, and then be in contact.

Mentoring & coaching

Looby offers mentoring calls via zoom. Within these mentoring calls, Looby will invite you to explore the deeper meanings of what is happening for you at the moment. Looby uses Design Web both explicitly and implicitly to draw deeper wisdom from yourself that could then become the basis of design for yourself if you wished. The mentoring and coaching calls can be as general or specific as you wish.

The initial call lasts 1.5 hours and costs £75. Subsequent calls are for 1 hour at £50


Bespoke Courses and events

We are also available to design bespoke courses, events and support packages to meet the needs of yourself, your business, community group, organisation, farm etc.

Please be in contact if you would like us to support the design and growth of your systems.