Group Diploma Adventure (Online)

Online program for those doing

a Diploma in Permaculture 


Course Start Dates
  • Next intake February 2024

Looby Macnamara

Delvin Solkinson


Online - Welcoming people from around the world. 

Course Description

An adventure in learning and designing. Join like minded people to build momentum, activate creativity, get support and have fun completing Diploma designs.

The Diploma in Permaculture is an advanced programme that follows the PDC (Permaculture Design Certificate). For your diploma you create a portfolio of designs. This will give you a strong grounding in permaculture design and develop your skills as a designer.

This group diploma adventure will support you to complete a Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design with the Permaculture Association or The Peoples Diploma with the Permaculture Institute.

Watch new recording of 2022 Activation and Info Session here
Watch recording of 2021Activation and Info Session Here

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During the first 6 months you will be guided to design, do and document 2 designs. On completion of these designs you will receive a Foundation Diploma certificate. You can renew your commitment to this group adventure every 6 months as you work through all the Diploma designs.

As part of the programme you will participate in the CEED - Cultural Emergence Effective Design course (with Looby Macnamara, Jon Young and CEED team) starting in Jan 2023.

Inspire your learning journey to become a better designer of life and livelihood, home and garden, relationships and community. Apply the tools of Permaculture and Cultural Emergence to unlock the next level of your life including any projects you want to focus on. A practical opportunity to develop Permaculture and Cultural Emergence skills, moving you forward on your Diploma designs with an uplifting group of collaborators.

Join Looby Macnamara, one of the co-founders and developers of the Cultural Emergence toolkit, Design Web and 7 Ways to Think Differently. Highly experienced with in-person and online facilitation, she brings a unique set of tools to support your journey as a designer. She is a Senior Diploma Tutor with the Permaculture Association and prolific teacher at Applewood Permaculture Centre. Her videos, podcasts, books, and courses have uplifted people all over the world.

Accompanied by Delvin Solkinson, co-creator of Visionary Permaculture at CoSM as well as the Permaculture Design Deck, Game and Notes. With 20 years of permaculture teaching and facilitation experience, Delvin shares a growing design toolkit with creativity and passion. He is the Diploma Program Coordinator for the Permaculture Institute and a Diploma Tutor with the Permaculture Association. His articles, videos, books and tools are all offered freely as downloads online.

  • Design Skills and Literacy
  • Tools for successful decision making
  • An experiential understanding of the Cultural Emergence toolkit
  • An advanced understanding of the permaculture design toolkit.
  • Ways of goal setting and working to completion
  • How to learn and facilitate learning
  • To develop and share your gifts
  • Learn about yourself as a designer


We will be ready to take enrollments for our 3rd cohort on the foundation diploma starting in January 2024.

Live group calls with Looby and Delvin

Dates TBC
Group diploma adventure  also includes 
*CEED course starts : February 2024
Including Group Calls and Tutorial Calls
* Tutorial session with Delvin or Looby 
*An Assessment session for each design with Delvin or Looby or Wilf or Katie Shepherd
*Course library of resources
*Peer support group
*Online community space



Facilitators & Venue

As well as time spent at Applewood hosting and teaching courses and gardening on the land here, Looby leads a productive career as a pioneer of permaculture and Cultural Emergnece. Looby is author of People and Permaculture, 7 Ways to Think Differently and Strands of Infinity. People and Permaculture Is the first book globally to translate the use of permaculture principles and design for people based systems, widening the definition of permaculture and making it relevant and accessible to all. She is creator of the Design Web, a holistic design framework that has been used thousands of times globally for all sorts of personal and social designs. Looby has been chair of the Permaculture Association Britain and is a senior diploma tutor.