Group Diploma Adventure (Online)

Online program for those doing

a Diploma in Permaculture 

Recording of Free Online Activation and Info Session
Course Start Dates
  • 1st Intake January 2022 
  • 2nd Intake July 2022

Looby Macnamara

Delvin Solkinson

Plus Guests
  • Assessment Tutor Wilf Richards
  • Assessment Tutor Katie Shepherd

Online - Welcoming people from around the world. 

Course Description

An adventure in learning and designing. Join like minded people to build momentum, activate creativity, get support and have fun completing Diploma designs.

The Diploma in Permaculture is an advanced programme that follows the PDC (Permaculture Design Certificate). For your diploma you create a portfolio of designs. This will give you a strong grounding in permaculture design and develop your skills as a designer.

This group diploma adventure will support you to complete a Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design with the Permaculture Association or The Peoples Diploma with the Permaculture Institute.

On the 7th November we held a live online Activation and Information session. To watch the recording please follow this link

To learn more about the Permaculture Diploma programs go to

During the first 6 months you will be guided to design, do and document 2 designs. On completion of these designs you will receive a Foundation Diploma certificate. You can renew your commitment to this group adventure every 6 months as you work through all the Diploma designs.

Inspire your learning journey to become a better designer of life and livelihood, home and garden, relationships and community. Apply the tools of Permaculture and Cultural Emergence to unlock the next level of your life including any projects you want to focus on. A practical opportunity to develop Permaculture and Cultural Emergence skills, moving you forward on your Diploma designs with an uplifting group of collaborators.

Join Looby Macnamara, one of the co-founders and developers of the Cultural Emergence toolkit, Design Web and 7 Ways to Think Differently. Highly experienced with in-person and online facilitation, she brings a unique set of tools to support your journey as a designer. She is a Senior Diploma Tutor with the Permaculture Association and prolific teacher at Applewood Permaculture Centre. Her videos, podcasts, books, and courses have uplifted people all over the world.

Accompanied by Delvin Solkinson, co-creator of Visionary Permaculture at CoSM as well as the Permaculture Design Deck, Game and Notes. With 20 years of permaculture teaching and facilitation experience, Delvin shares a growing design toolkit with creativity and passion. He is the Diploma Program Coordinator for the Permaculture Institute and a Diploma Tutor with the Permaculture Association. His articles, videos, books and tools are all offered freely as downloads online.

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  • Design Skills and Literacy
  • Tools for successful decision making
  • An experiential understanding of the Cultural Emergence toolkit
  • An advanced understanding of the permaculture design toolkit.
  • Ways of goal setting and working to completion
  • How to learn and facilitate learning
  • To develop and share your gifts
  • Learn about yourself as a designer

Course Structure

  • Every other month there will be an inspiring 2 hour group call on zoom on the 2nd Monday of every other month
  • Online meetups with a peer support  Learning Guild
  • Online course site with material to go through at your own pace (this will evolve as we go through and focus on the needs of the group) and a forum for comments and connecting with the group
  • 3 hour design assessment including 1 hour one-on-one with assessor (this will be for 2 designs every 6 months)
  • 1 hour long Personal Design Tutorial one-on-one with your choice of either Looby Macnamara or Delvin Solkinson
  • Support to complete diploma designs

Course Content

  • Design tools, methods, frameworks and processes of Permaculture
  • Principles and core routines of Cultural Emergence
  • Core concepts for ecological literacy
  • Collaborating & co-creating & successfully working in groups
  • Design practice
  • Create and share designs
  • Meet regularly to share progress and build momentum


  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Worksheets & activities
  • Articles

Inspirational, supportive and evolutionary course culture that uplifts and motivates participants.

Being held by a grounding group taking action in their own lives by doing a Diploma
Supportive learning community
“Give and receive encouragement”

Flexibility and acceptance
Chance to “plan then flow” with our designs

  • Inspiration & momentum
  • Confidence as decision maker and designer
  • Support to complete the Diploma
  • An expanded design toolkit
  • A deeper working understanding of Cultural Emergence
  • More agility using the Permaculture design toolkit
  • The experience of learning together in community
  • New friendships
  • Opportunity to share the journey inspiringly with supportive, like minded people
  • Chance to reflect about your life and future, considering new possibilities

The course is for anyone doing a Diploma with the Permaculture Association or Permaculture Institute that want to be part of a Group Diploma Adventure including online meetups.

It is open to those just signing up for the diploma, and those that want to begin with the Foundation Diploma of 2 designs. It is also open to anyone who has been enrolled in the diploma for a while and wish to have some support to complete.

It is for anyone who wants to deepen their commitment to permaculture, their own self development, and making the planet a better place.

Prerequisites for enrollment - you need to have completed your PDC Permaculture Design Course to enroll in the diploma.

During this programme you will also be enrolled in the  CEED (Cultural Emergence Effective Design) course, which will begin your design journey. For details of the CEED course see here

The diploma takes a varied amount of time for people, some people take 2-3 years, some longer.
Our intention is that this programme will provide enough momentum and guidance that people will be able to complete their diploma in around 3 years. 
The first 6 months will focus on completing 2 designs which will give you a Foundation Diploma certificate. Then you can choose to renew your commitment to this programme on a 6 month basis.
"Thank you so much to Looby for your generosity, wisdom and support over my Diploma journey. The whole process has been transformative, and your guidance has been quietly present throughout. Thank you also for the opportunities to ‘come into the light’, and the encouragement to move more deeply into work with Cultural Emergence. The process has been one of creative rediscovery - and affirmation of the radical interconnectivity of all things. Thank you for your insight, your amazing vision, and your kindness along the way.
Kate Gathercole
“I really appreciate Delvin’s way of teaching and I truly believe it is his gift. Delvin brings ritual together with deep learning. I always come away from a class motivated by his passion, impeccable choice of words and the skillful ways in which he engages others. I feel honoured to learn from him!”
"Looby's fluency in design tools and frameworks were a vital key to me completing the diploma effectively and deepening my permaculture practice and later work. Looby's grounded expertise and creative insight, means she is an excellent mentor for supporting you to use the diploma process to maximise your productive edges."


We will be starting the first cohort in Jan 2022, and then have another intake in July 2022.

January to November 2022 - Course includes 6 x 2 hour online meetups on the 2nd Monday of every other month, 6-8 pm UK time (GMT/UTC)

Group Call 1:  January 10, 2022
Group Call 2:  March 14, 2022
Group Call 3:  May 9, 2022

After 6 months, there is the opportunity to continue.
Group Call 4:  July 11, 2022
Group Call 5:  September 12, 2022
Group Call 6:  November 14, 2022

Optional extra of a residential design weekend at Applewood Permaculture Centre, UK 7-10th July 2022 (additional costs



The fees cover you for the first 6 months of the ongoing Group Diploma Course, During this 6 months you will have access to the CEED course which will guide you through your first design towards your Foundation Diploma

Foundation Diploma (2 designs) first 6 months - includes online CEED course

  • Concession places £250
  • Low waged £300
  • Waged  £350

When you decide to carry on for another 6 months,  the payments for each 6 month period are as follows

  • Concession places £175
  • Low waged £225
  • Waged  £275

There is an additional regular fee to either the Permaculture Association or Permaculture Institute. (please be in contact for the full details of this)

Then as you continue further payments will be needed every 6 months until completion. Minimum attendance is 6 months. 

There is an optional extra of a residential weekend at Applewood Permaculture Centre 7-10th July 2022. (This will be an additional cost).

How to Apply

Places are limited to 20 people. For enquiries, to express your interest and apply please contact:

 Email Delvin  

Facilitators & Venue

As well as time spent at Applewood hosting and teaching courses and gardening on the land here, Looby leads a productive career as a pioneer of permaculture and Cultural Emergnece. Looby is author of People and Permaculture, 7 Ways to Think Differently and Strands of Infinity. People and Permaculture Is the first book globally to translate the use of permaculture principles and design for people based systems, widening the definition of permaculture and making it relevant and accessible to all. She is creator of the Design Web, a holistic design framework that has been used thousands of times globally for all sorts of personal and social designs. Looby has been chair of the Permaculture Association Britain and is a senior diploma tutor.

Delvin SolkinsonDelvin Solkinson is a community gardener, student and teacher from British Columbia, Canada. He has done a PDC, Diploma and Masters Degree with Bill Mollison, a Doctorate with Larry Santoyo, 2 other Diplomas, 13 teacher trainings & 13 advanced courses. Diploma Program Co-ordinator at Permaculture Institute, Diploma Tutor with Permaculture Association and currently pursuing a Post-Doc in Permaculture Education. Delvin lives and works at CoSM, Chapel of Sacred Mirrors with his beloved wife Grace, collaborating to create free learning and teaching tools, write articles and make videos. and

Applewood Permaculture Centre

Applewood is home to Looby and family. We have a stunning 20 acre smallholding. We are in our early days of setting up permaculture gardens and demonstrations. We have a variety of indoor spaces as well as a marquee in the orchard as an outdoor classroom in good weather.

There are many beautiful, diverse habitats here, with much mystery and magic and opportunities for deep nature connection.