Group Diploma Adventure (Online) 2024

Join Looby & Delvin to Expand your Design Skills

An adventure in learning and designing. Join like minded people to build momentum, activate creativity, get support and have fun completing Diploma designs.

This group diploma adventure will support you to complete a Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design with the Permaculture Association or The Peoples Diploma with the Permaculture Institute.


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Looby Macnamara
Delvin Solkinson

Course Description

The Diploma in Permaculture is an advanced programme that follows the PDC (Permaculture Design Certificate). For your diploma you create a portfolio of designs. This will give you a strong grounding in permaculture design and develop your skills as a designer.

To learn more about the Permaculture Diploma programs go to

During the first 6 months you will be guided to design, do and document 2 designs. On completion of these designs you will receive a Foundation certificate in Applied Permaculture Design. After 2 designs you can decide whether you want to continue on to complete the full diploma portfolio with 10 designs. 

To begin your design journey sign up to the CEED - Cultural Emergence Effective Design course (with Looby Macnamara, Jon Young) starting in Autumn 2024. This course will guide you through your first design. We will then be holding the induction tutorial date tbc to complete this design as one of your designs for the foundation certificate.

Join Looby Macnamara, one of the co-founders and developers of the Cultural Emergence toolkit, Design Web and 7 Ways to Think Differently. Highly experienced with in-person and online facilitation, she brings a unique set of tools to support your journey as a designer. She is a Senior Diploma Tutor with the Permaculture Association and prolific teacher at Applewood Permaculture Centre. Her videos, podcasts, books, and courses have uplifted people all over the world.

Accompanied by Delvin Solkinson, co-creator of Visionary Permaculture at CoSM as well as the Permaculture Design Deck, Game and Notes. With 20 years of permaculture teaching and facilitation experience, Delvin shares a growing design toolkit with creativity and passion. He is the Diploma Program Coordinator for the Permaculture Institute and a Diploma Tutor with the Permaculture Association. His articles, videos, books and tools are all offered freely as downloads online.

Inspire your learning journey to become a better designer of life and livelihood, home and garden, relationships and community. Apply the tools of Permaculture and Cultural Emergence to unlock the next level of your life including any projects you want to focus on. A practical opportunity to develop Permaculture and Cultural Emergence skills, moving you forward on your Diploma designs with an uplifting group of collaborators.

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Who the Course is For

The course is for anyone doing a Diploma with the Permaculture Association or Permaculture Institute. It is open to those just signing up for the diploma, and those that want to begin with the Foundation Diploma of 2 designs. It is also open to anyone who has been enrolled in the diploma for a while and wish to have some support to complete.

It is for anyone who wants to deepen their commitment to permaculture, their own self development, and making the planet a better place.

The course caters to people at different places on their learning journey. The experience you bring to the course and how you apply it will determine what you get out of it. For example, advanced people may start thinking about how they would teach the information, facilitate online learning and pursue their Diploma Tutor Level education. Leonardo da Vinci said ’Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’. In this light our course will be accessible to all experience levels and can range from introductory to advanced based on how participants approach and apply the learnings. 

Prerequisites for enrollment - you need to have completed your PDC Permaculture Design Course to enroll in the diploma. We also require that people do the CEED course to start their design journey with us.

Appreciation from Past participants

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"I immediately got excited when Looby and Delvin introduced the idea of a Group Diploma Adventure! Growing towards my Permaculture Diploma not as a lonely desk activity in dark winter months, but an adventure! With like minded people! The possibility to connect and cooperate and learn also from each other. This adventure gives me the feeling that there is a flow or natural pace of things and that I am not the only one being responsible for this flow."

Barbara Scheltus - van den Berg

"Being part of the Group Diploma Adventure gives me momentum and inspiration on my diploma journey. I feel hugely supported and grateful; engaging with the group, the tutors and the design processes help in manifesting my vision of integrating connection, wholeness, play, and creativity in my work and life. The many gifts each step of the way, and the excitement as to what the journey ahead might hold, lifts my spirit."

Helene Bohler

“Deep immersion in the Group Diploma Adventure and it's Design Web processes make my life more flowing with ease and grace. Weaving and connecting all the Design Web anchor points nourishes all aspects of my life. It supports me to be more productive, optimizing my fullest potential with creativity. The Group Diploma Adventure creates a container of group coaching that is very beneficial. It is cost-effective, powerful in reaching more people, and creates collaborations in participatory design, a great opportunity to journey with other apprentices as part of a learning guild.”

Dharlyn Gomez

"Thank you so much to Looby for your generosity, wisdom and support over my Diploma journey. The whole process has been transformative, and your guidance has been quietly present throughout. Thank you also for the opportunities to ‘come into the light’, and the encouragement to move more deeply into work with Cultural Emergence. The process has been one of creative rediscovery - and affirmation of the radical interconnectivity of all things. Thank you for your insight, youramazing vision, and your kindness along the way.

Kate Gathercole

Practical Information

Course Structure & Content

The programme begins with the CEED - Cultural Emergence Effective Design course (with Looby Macnamara & Jon Young) starting in Autumn 2024. This is offered each year and can be optionally repeated for those who have already taken it a a reduced cost. 

Every month there will be an inspiring 2 hour group call on zoom. This will alternate between different formats, one being an emergent q&a driven webinar ‘office hours’. 

Online meetups with a peer support Action Learning Guild are recommended monthly 

Online Circle Space course site and forum to share designs, comment, and connect with the group.

Online Library of short pre-recorded videos sharing the permaculture design and cultural emergence toolkit to go through at your own pace. 

1 1/2 hr design assessment every season (3 months) including 

- 1/2 hour live Pre-Assessment Tutorial with an assessor

- 1 hour long Design Assessment done over email 

Support to complete diploma designs

Ability to hire available tutors for additional live 1:1 tutorials 

Delvin is responsive to short emails at no additional cost. 

Course Content

  • Design tools, methods, frameworks and processes of Permaculture
  • Principles and core routines of Cultural Emergence
  • Core concepts for ecological literacy
  • Collaborating & co-creating & successfully working in groups
  • Design practice
  • Create and share designs
  • Meet regularly to share progress and build momentum
  • Resources
  • Videos
  • Diploma Design Examples
  • Podcasts
  • Worksheets & activities
  • Articles
  • Regular new content put up on Circle Space 

Emails every month sharing resources and linking to Circle Space

Facilitators & Venue

looby in a purple jumper

Looby Macnamara is co-developer of the Cultural Emergence toolkit with Jon Young. She is an experienced permaculture teacher, author and designer. She is author of 4 books, Cultural Emergence,  People and Permaculture and 7 Ways to Think Differently.

People and Permaculture is the first book to directly translate the principles and design methods of permaculture from land to people. Looby enjoys using creative teaching methods to create a fun and collaborative learning environment.

"Looby's fluency in design tools and frameworks were a vital key to me completing the diploma effectively and deepening my permaculture practice and later work. Looby's grounded expertise and creative insight, means she is an excellent mentor for supporting you to use the diploma process to maximise your productive edges."

Jasmine Dale

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