Mothers As Natural Leaders Course 2024

Looking to explore your mothering and leadership journey?

Join Looby Macnamara and Emma Gorbutt, two of the co-authors of the Mothers As Natural Leaders  book, as they guide women through a nourishing reflective process, exploring what leadership means to us as mothers; leadership of ourselves, our families, in our community and in the wider world.

* Only 2 places left! *


7 - 9 June 2024 


£165 - £225


Looby Macnamara
Emma GorbuttE

Course Description

The course allows you the time and space to explore the tools more deeply and to further your understanding of your own leadership journey. We will look at how to maintain the balance of our responsibilities whilst being available as change makers on a small and large scale. We will also explore how nature connection and self care can nurture us in our roles as mothers and leaders.

We will be using the Mother Nature Journey and Leadership card decks. The card deck and guidebook are available to buy here or you can buy them direct at the course if you wish. To find out more about the Mother Nature project click here

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What you will learn

We will harvest our gifts gained through motherhood, reframe our challenges and explore our leadership and life paths together. The Mothers as Natural Leaders course is an opportunity to gather, learn and share, in circle, in nature with other women and mothers. We will share our stories and be in a supportive and nurturing environment using artwork, songs, nature connection practices and guided visualisations for a deep embodied experience.

We will be weaving in the principles of the 2 Mother Nature card decks and as well as teachings from our NEW book Mothers As Natural Leader (2023) available for free download here

Appreciation from Past participants

happy participants

“I learnt how many skills as a mother I put to use in my day to day and gained more insight that gave me value and confidence to be a leader not just for myself but my family and out in the world”

“There is something so special about slowing down and connecting with other mothers in a beautiful natural environment - it was a fabulous and memorable opportunity.”

“It was a deep and rewarding experience. I feel I traveled a long way. The relationships formed were deep and very special, and both being part of and running circles was wonderful. Applewood and its nature was a beautiful and perfect setting, and Looby and Emma were wonderful facilitators.”

A moment to reconnect with self, nature, others and reflect about the current aspects of my journey as leader and acknowledged all the spaces I am already a leader and take ownership of it, what a relaxed and informal day yet a little deeply nourishing

Dear Mother Nature, I’ve had the most brilliant, funny, effective, relaxing, sparkling, empowering, appropriate, heartfelt, inspired, inspiring, powerful, loving, supportive, calming and reassuring training of my whole life. Just thanks forever.

Practical Information


For enquiries and booking please email Emma at

** Only 2 places left! **

* Special offer * 10% Discount if bring a friend (find out more here)

This course is for women only, although it can be challenging to find childcare, we feel that having this time without our children gives us the opportunity to dive deep into our own reflective and nourishing journey.



  • Concession  £165
  • Low waged £195
  • Waged  £225

Making Payments

There are 3 payment scales

  • Concession: means-tested benefits, students limited to 4 places per course
  • Low waged: under £15K per year
  • Waged: over £15K per year

We offer this sliding scale on an honesty basis  to try and make courses more available for low-income groups. We trust that you will pay what is right for you. Payment by installments are also accepted - please let us know your needs. Secure your place with a £50 deposit.

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Facilitators & Venue

looby in a purple jumper

Looby Macnamara is co-developer of the Cultural Emergence toolkit with Jon Young. She is an experienced permaculture teacher, author and designer. She is author of 4 books, Cultural Emergence,  People and Permaculture and 7 Ways to Think Differently. Looby is part of the Mother Nature Project and in 2023 she helped to co-author Mothers As Natural Leaders. 
People and Permaculture is the first book to directly translate the principles and design methods of permaculture from land to people. Looby enjoys using creative teaching methods to create a fun and collaborative learning environment.

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