On-line Permaculture Design Course 2022 

This fully accredited online Permaculture Design Course (PDC) will provide:

  • 38.5 hours online contact over 11 x 3.5-hour zoom sessions
  • 40+ hours self-directed learning with observation and design activities, group tutorials and peer group exercises
  • a chance to apply permaculture design principles and process on a real home design of your choosing
Dates: February-June 2022 - click here for more info

(minimum attendance 9 out of 11 online sessions and design activity; first 2 and last 2 sessions essential)


Chris Evans 
Tomas Remiarz
plus guests


Minimum 72 hours

"I have proved to myself that the theory of Permaculture not only works in a horticultural setting like my garden but also in my own personal development. " (from a participant on the 2021 online PDC)

Course Description

After last year’s success, we are excited to present another Applewood Online Permaculture Design Course (PDC) in 2022. We will start just as spring begins to show, and finish in mid-summer. Our course team will deliver eleven live teaching sessions on zoom that will bring permaculture to life with a mix of interactive lectures, group work and design exercises. We will draw on our own decades of experience from our own work, and that of the wider permaculture network. In addition, we will invite inspiring guest speakers to share their specialist subjects. In between sessions will be many opportunities to practice designing on your own site or a local project, and to deepen the learning with your own exploration of videos, handouts, websites and literature. You will be also able to team up with others in a peer group for mutual support and inspiration.

As this is an online course, you can join us from wherever you are.  We look forward to a diverse group of students from many backgrounds and different parts of the world sharing their experiences and perspectives.

The design course will bring the possibility of significant and positive life changes. Although permaculture is most commonly thought about in connection with gardening & farming, its principles, ethics and design methods can be adapted and used in each individual's own work, interests and home as well as in communities and businesses, to bring about a more harmonious & sustainable lifestyle. “We must think, speak and build new worlds into being. Worlds which centre on care, vulnerability, desire and a dedication to preserving democracy in its deepest sense.”    Kieran Goddard, 8 minutes on the Climate Crisis.

Permaculture gives you a set of practical tools and concepts for living in an uncertain world. It helps you develop the skills necessary for adapting to rapidly changing conditions and enables us to develop personal and collective responses to the global crisis we live through. Designs help us to accept the limits inherent in the world around us, while identifying and transforming situations that are needlessly limiting. Permaculture is already used by ordinary people around the world to restore eroded landscapes, communities, economies and cultures. Permaculture offers a perspective on all aspects of building a sustainable future. It encourages us to use our individual skills, knowledge and interests, whilst drawing on traditional wisdom, science and our innate ability to observe and learn from the world around us.

Course participants will be awarded the Permaculture Association (Britain)'s internationally recognised Certificate in Permaculture Design.

This video features last years Support Facilitator who joined us for the course. If you would like to be this years Support Facilitator please click here to find out more and apply or check out more information below here 

Course content

Spirals of erosion & points of intervention ~ People based designs ~ Boundaries & limiting factors ~ Observation skills ~ Site surveying ~ Permaculture ethics & principles ~ Design methods ~ Soil conservation & improvement ~ Green manures & dynamic accumulators ~ use of Micro-climates ~ Kitchen gardening ~ Integrated pest management ~ Water in the Landscape ~ Agroforestry & Forest gardening ~ Trees & their Microclimates ~ Patterns in nature ~ Sustainable economics ~ Urban permaculture ~ Green architecture ~ Non-land based design ~ Accelerated learning techniques ~ Seed saving & plant propagation ~ The Permaculture Association & Diploma WorkNet ~ Where next?

& lots more......

This course includes 38.5 hours of direct online contact time involving live interaction with tutors and other participants. To prepare for, and follow-up after these sessions, there will be plenty of at-home/outdoor observation, reflection and self-directed design work.

Design courses are not just about imparting information to the students, there is plenty of knowledge out there, the important thing is knowing how to use this & feeling confident to do so.

Empowerment is the essence of the course. We will be using diverse online teaching methods that will get you outside and interacting with your home, work and garden environment for over half of the course to create a fun, lively & inclusive learning environment. Running as a thread through the course is a design activity that helps to consolidate all of the learning & empower students to apply permaculture back into their own homes, lives & community. As a group we will benefit from collaborative learning & from having fun together. We don't expect any previous knowledge & recognise that everyone has their own unique skills, knowledge & areas of interest to bring to the course.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • observe patterns in nature & apply what we learn to create guiding principles.
  • use permaculture ethics, principles & design tools to create sustainable systems.
  • understand the importance of caring for soil & water, & to know techniques for doing so.
  • start using permaculture in your own life, towards creating a more sustainable lifestyle.
  • understand how to apply permaculture design to both land-based & people based systems.
  • be able to forge partnerships with other like-minded people and groups to share your experiences and create support networks

Anyone wishing to bring positive change in their lives

From Applewood's online PDC 2021:

About The Course:

"Such a lovely diverse group of people - with such positivity!"

"I loved learning about the various design processes and I’m realising that applying them will enhance many areas of my life."

"It was a really well rounded course where all the tutors gave above and beyond, where community and connection was created, I really enjoyed it and feel blessed to have taken part."

"The group has been a lifeline in lockdown" (from a participant on the 2020 online PDC)

About On Line Learning:

"Sessions are a good length, and have the right mix between theory and interaction."

"I learned that online learning doesn’t have to be sterile. "

"The Jamboard is great to add a more dynamic component and getting to chat with others in the breakout rooms has been excellent."

The Offer

We are looking for a Support Facilitator to support the delivery of the Online PDC. This is an opportunity to

• revise the full PDC curriculum

• gain online permaculture teaching experience

• collaborate with and learn from experienced teachers

• be part of the Applewood team

• receive an income (up to 50% of the main tutors’ income, exact figure dependent on participant numbers)

We are looking for someone with

• PDC certificate

• Training of Teachers certificate and/or previous experience

• Familiarity and confidence with Zoom and other online tools

• Supportive, proactive and outgoing attitude

How to Apply

Click here for more information and to appy 

Any Questions? Please email applewoodcourses@yahoo.com

Application deadline: 31st October 2021

Decision by: 10th November 2021


Dates for 2022 

The online zoom meeting dates for 2022 are as follows:

Session 1: Sat 19th Feb 
Session 2: Sun 20th Feb
Session 3: Sat 5th March
Session 4: Sat 19th March
Session 5: Sat 2nd April
Session 6: Sat 23th April
Session 7: Sat 30th April
Session 8: Sat 14th May
Session 9: Sat 28th May
Session 10: Sat 11th June
Session 11: Sun 12th June
Each online session will be from 9.30am-1.00pm UK time.

In between these online face-to-face sessions will be self-directed learning with observation and design activities, group tutorials and peer group exercises.

Find your local time here


Participants limited to 30 places.

Zoom calls will take place at the dates and times described.

Participants are required to prepare for the online sessions guided by the tutors, and will be set activities to apply learning.



Concession price £200 (earlybird £190)

Low waged (<£14K) £250 (earlybird £230)

Waged (>£14K) £300 (earlybird £280)

Bursary Support £350 (this will enable us to provide bursary places)

Bursaries will be considered on application.

£100 deposit required to book. Limited to 30 places.

Payment by instalments can be considered on application; full payment required by start of course.

Earlybird reductions end 30th December 2021


For enquiries and booking please contact:

Emma +0044 (0)7786 262 864

Email Emma

Once you register for the course you will be sent a Zoom Link for each session and links to on-line resources which accompany the course. 


For enquiries and booking please contact:

Emma +0044 (0)7786 262 864

Email Emma

Facilitators & Venue

Chris lives at Applewood with his partner Looby and children Shanti and Teya. He has taught permaculture in the UK, Europe, Nepal, India, U.S.A. and Mexico. He is also a senior-level tutor for apprentices working towards their diploma in applied permaculture design with the Permaculture Association Britain.

Tomas has been working in permaculture since 1997. He is author of Forest Gardening in Practice. Over the years he has designed and helped to create private and communal gardens, commercial and amenity woodlands, wildlife reserves and ecological restoration sites.

Tomas has co-facilitated with Looby and Chris on Permaculture Design Courses and the Training of Teachers at Applewood. He lives close to Applewood Permaculture Centre and has plenty of connections both professionally and socially with Looby and Chris.

The Venue

(not for this course, but we'll tell you about it anyway!)

Applewood is a 20 acre smallholding, Waterloo Farm, in the beautiful hills of North Herefordshire. Here, the owners, Chris Evans and Looby Macnamara, are developing a  permaculture demonstration and training centre. We feel that with permaculture, you need to see it to believe it, and then need to be able to learn it, and then acquire the resources (seeds, plants, books, friends and networks) to do it!

The site includes woods, pasture, a lake, kitchen garden and an orchard of heritage apples. A converted barn and outbuildings provide indoor accommodation and the grounds a peaceful campsite.

For regular updates and photos see our facebook page 

Click here for location map