*NEW BOOK* Cultural Emergence

In this practical and inspiring book, Looby helps us to reclaim our power with fresh thinking and new patterns, habits and routines...that are needed to help a new culture emerge, one that puts people, planet and our intimately bound fate at the heart of everything we do.

Andy Goldring
CEO of Permaculture Association, Britain

Cultural Emergence

A Toolkit for Transforming Ourselves and the World.

The 4th Book Book by Looby Macnamara 

(Over 300 pages filled with stories, illustrations and activities)

Looby Macnamara, international thought leader and teacher, introduces ‘Cultural Emergence’, a framework and toolkit that enables us to design the world we want to live in. It activates healing and revolutionises our approach to creating life-sustaining and regenerative cultures.
Drawing upon the lineages of indigenous wisdom, permaculture design and systems thinking, Cultural Emergence is a profoundly effective toolkit for creating a new understanding of culture.
It shows us how to:
• Expand our thinking and possibilities

• Better understand where problems come from and, by using radical reflection on the root causes, create successful healing strategies

• Embody the learning and effectively embed the changes in our lives into new ways of interacting and being

• Build our individual and collective resilience in turbulent times and support ourselves to proactively adjust to transitions – whether they are personal life changes or collective challenges such as climate change

• Use the tools to create the conditions for emergence, informing the creation of cultures of care, connection, peace, health, effectivenessand trust.

Cultural Emergence is visionary, practical, wise and simple to use. It is a message of hope with tools for empowerment. Filled with stories of people around the world who have benefited using this approach, it inspires us with possibilities.

It is a timely, much-needed book that has the potential to be useful to everyone and enable deep and radical transformation.

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Social permaculture leader Looby Macnamara invites us to co-create a powerful collective vision, starting from our own unique context and spiralling outward into our communities. this visionary book guides us toward a much needed transformation of deeper connection to ourselves, each other and the world we inhabit.

Charlie Mgee
Formidable Vegetable

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Looby is proud to launch the NEW website cultural-emergence.com  a companion to the NEW  book Cultural Emergence - A toolkit for Transforming Ourselves and the World. It is packed full of information on Cultural emergence, All Looby's books, information on how to  start your Cultural Emergence journey, a lot of Videos and lots more offerings!

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Looby’s writing is absorbing, thought-provoking and accessible, as she skilfully guides us towards shifting our lifestyles and thinking habits, to embrace the regenerative and life-sustaining cultures the world so badly needs right now.

Glennie Kindred
Author of Walking with Trees and Letting In the Wild Edges

Other Books from Looby

People and Permaculture is the first book to directly explore the ways in which we can use permaculture principles and design to enhance our well-being, relationships and society.

7 Ways to Think Differently explores ways to address personal, social and environmental concerns in simple practical steps in our daily lives, helping us to make incremental, achievable changes.

Strands of Infinity is a collection of over 40 poems which take the reader on a journey from the global to the personal.

This timely companion to her ground breaking first book People and Permaculture is a deep exploration of the culture, stories and paradigms that shape our lives, and how we can reimagine them to change our world for the better.

Author of Permaculture Design - a Step by Stap approach
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